Thinking of ISO Certification in Singapore? Hire an ISO Consultant

If your company in Singapore is in the process of pursuing registration for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001, hiring an ISO consultant will not only be a good starting point, but a sure way of getting what you want in a considerably short time.


Before you can decide on whom to settle with as a consultant on your way to ISO certification, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions. The answers you obtain from these questions will help you not only get the best ISO consultant Singapore has, but also value for your money.


  • What track record, if any, does the consultant have?

A consultant who has worked with several other companies has firsthand experience on typical difficulties faced during registration and process of certification.

Such consultants have the understanding to overcome all foreseeable problems and will therefore not be taken by surprise by bumps and blocks on the road to ISO certification.

When it comes to track record, an ISO consultant Singapore, and indeed all other emerging markets as a whole, demands quantifiable proof that such a consultant has what it takes.


  • Does the consultant fully understand the requirements of the ISO certification?

If you are registering for ISO 9001, look for an ISO consultant Singapore who understands the quality management systems that this certification entails and is well versed with all documentation practices that are required.


If what you want is the ISO 14001, the consultant who can help you link your services and products with the major environmental risks as per what the ISO demands is good.


As for the ISO 27001,a consultant who understands the fundamental requirements of the Information Security Management System, evaluates your current security and makes it relevant to suit your company requirements is worth your consideration.


  • Is the consultant duly licensed and registered?

For an ISO consultant Singapore law requires that such a person be duly licensed to provide such a service. Having an unlicensed consultant work for you is tantamount to failure because all your efforts risk not being recognised.


It is always advisable and beneficial for anyone not only looking for ISO certification, but any other form of service in Singapore to only deal with people who are professionals in their line of work. These will essentially be people who are licensed, registered and allowed to do so by law.


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