Training Your IT Department In Compliance With ISO Standards

Technological breaches and security incidents are not always due to technological shortcomings. In fact often there are incidents in which the internal staff either purposely or unknowingly breaches the security walls of an information system of an organization. In fact, last year more than 50% of breaches were inside jobs despite having the best information security management system. There is more evidence of security risk to informational data from employees than from external cyber attacks. Therefore it is important that this matter be taken with serious attention in order to safeguard your information security.

Not only organizations should invest in establishing a foolproof and robust security management system, they should also focus on training their employees about security management and best practices related to ISMS. Technology itself is dependent on people and the processes that involve both technology and people working together to drive and achieve any organizational goals. This means that these important functions of any organization should be in synchronization with modern day information security best practices. Because even if you had implemented the most advanced and high tech security measures to safeguard your informational data, it makes no point if your staff are unaware about proper usage and command over the technology.

First of all you need to identify any risks and potential threats to your systems. By identifying security issues and possible threats you can have an idea as to what kind of security measure you should be taking. After implementation of adequate IT measures the next and the most important part is the organizational correction of your Information Technology department. This organizational correction should be divided into two main parts; the awareness part and the training part.

Whenever you establish a new security protocol it is important that your IT depart remains aligned with proper usage and functionality of the system. The awareness part tells them about why it is important while the training part tells them how they can manage and control any new security measure. A best way to train your employees for security management is to enroll them into ISO certification training.

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