ISO 29990

ISO 29990: 2010 Providing education and training excellence to novices…

For progression of non formal education and training, ISO29990 was organized as learning services by Technical Committee ISO/TC 232.

Objective: This International Standard is objected to grant standard model for quality professional performance and presentation. Align with general reference for “Learning service providers (LSPs)”, this international system and their clients for LSPs provide support in professional education and design development. The standard’s endeavors assuring execution of high quality technical tutorials and processes.

Services: Instead of applying term “Training” this IS use the term “Learning Services” focusing on range of opportunities available to provide education services. They emphasize on following aspects;
-Bring competency of LSPs.
-Assist organizations and Individuals in selection of LSP according to specific requirements of their business and profession.
-Award designation to learner on indicating a level of performance.
-Plan of action for achievement of goals.
-Enhance Professional competency.
-Analyze learning outcomes against learning goals.
-Appoint facilitator to assist in learning.
-Necessitate learning and management services key process.
-Generate a consistent quality policy with a providence of framework for locating quality objectives.
-Sponsor-ships opportunities and substantial support for active learners with relevance.

This international system provides into 2 basic services i.e. learning and management. Learning services include professional education, designing and training while management services include business planning, financial and risk management aligned with human resources management.

Language is the key of communication, to overcome communiqué obstacles for international market, this system also provide foundation for language specifications. It has developed and implemented language related standard to improve quality language training, promote international language training industry with rapid development with learner’s interest’s protection.

ISO 29990 has been introduced to major IT-related fields such as business start-ups, outsourcing, financing, communication, web development and applications. Its implementation has given a vast ground for IT- industry to expand and provide quality products to its customers.